Alessio Ceruti was born in Varese, Italy in 1980. His artistic training starts in his father’s business in 1994, working for the finishing of sculptures of very famous artists such as Michelangelo Pistoletto and Not Vital. These artistic influences increase his will to communicate using his own language, focusing on the study and use of metals, recycled materials, and painting.

He moves to Bali, Indonesia in 2010, working with local and international artists, becoming more familiar with contemporary art. He prefers clay and natural materials, playing with them eroding the surface of his works, charmed by the way features change with time and by the alchemical game.

At the same time, he opens a video-animation studio and, influenced by his spiritual path, builds metal percussions follow- ing a holistic inspiration.

He’s staying in the South Eastern part of Asia brings him to Singapore showing his works in Melaka, Malaysia, and Shangai. The latter stay changes his approach to art for good.

Back in Italy, he focuses on the concept of Change as Climatic Change, a topic that deeply attracts him. He works on the fading of matter, exposing his first works with an exhibit called WHAT-ER Acid Waters, supervised by Alberto Moioli.

He keeps developing the same concept in the following years, increasingly influenced by Asia and at the same time focusing on genetics and quantum physics, trying new techniques and new materials such as plexiglass and stainless steel, creating site-specific installations in galleries and public spaces integrating lights, sounds, and projections.

Right now, 2020, he is back in Bali, Indonesia where he is studying and working on a Coral Gardening Program and doing experiments on Shells. He is also doing research on New Recycling Materials.

Solo Exhibition

2020 – Andante, Hong-Kong

2019 – Potato Head, Bali, Indonesia

2019 – Varese Design Week, Varese, Italy

2019 – CAOS, Varese, Italy

2019 – Museo Camponovo, Varese, Italy

2019 – Animaminima, Triuggio, Italy

2018 – Casa900, Monza, Italy

2018 – Micro Museo, Monza, Italy

2018 – Museo Camponovo, Varese, Italy

2016 – Villa Borromeo D’Adda, Arcore, Italy

2016 – B Arte, Milano, Italy

2015 – B Arte, Milano, Italy


2019 – Book – The Universal Sea – Pure or Plastic!?

2019 – Radio Lombardia – Social Live

2017 – Sei la TV – Diretta

2017 – Teatro Nuovo – Arcore, Italy

Group Exhibition

2024  The Other Art Fair, Dallas, USA 

2023  Arma Museum, Ubud, Bali, BaliMegarupa

2021 – Virtual collaboration, #PrayforMyanmar, Indonesian Art & Culture

2020 – ARC Gallery, Monza, Italy

2019 – Castello di Masnago, Varese, Italy

2019 – ARC Gallery, Monza, Italy

2019 – Ortung11-Schwabach, Nuremberg, Germany

2019 – Museo Maccagno, Varese, Italy

2019 – Museo Camponovo, Varese, Italy

2019 – Affordable Art Fair, Milan, Italy

2018 – ARC Gallery, Monza, Italy

2018 – Parco Sculture, Arcore, Italy

2018 – Museo Camponovo, Varese, Italy

2017 – Villa Reale, Monza Italy

2017 – Manuscia, Monza, Italy

2017 – Parco Sculture, Trezzo Rosa, Italy

2017 – Arte sotto le stelle, villa borromeo, Arcore, Italy

2017 – Parco Sculture, Arcore, Italy

2016 – Villa Sormani, Como, Italy

2016 – Silent Generation, Piacenza, Italy

2015 – Villa Sormani, Como, Italy

2015 – International Art Exhibition, Malacca, Malysia