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Born in Milan, Italy in 1980.


Lives and works between Bali, Indonesia and Milan, Italy.


Alessio’s fascination with waste materials began at an early age; he was passionately constructing toys from everyday items when he was 6.  While still young, he began recreating sculptures by famous artists using mainly metal and bronze.  An independent and free thinker, his curiosity to see the world influenced him to travel, experiencing and being inspired by realities different from his own.  After many phases, he eventually moved to Bali, Indonesia, opening a studio of visual production and 2D animations.

In Bali he encountered a world of creativity.  His interactions with other international artists led to a deeper knowledge of contemporary art.  Selecting land and natural materials as his preferred components, Alessio developed signature techniques which incorporated eroding surfaces and created natural environments.  From this came “Construction and Deconstruction,” his project where man and nature are modelled over time.  Using the same passion with which he produces unique designs, he also fashions and creates musical instruments, following the vibration that transmits sound.

Expanding from painting to sculpture to video and installations, the work of Alessio Ceruti examines the relationship and co-existence of man, nature, politics and society, with an emphasis on environmental issues often caused by the human race.

Continuous experimentation, along with the study and survey of the fragility of both natural and manmade materials (for example, land, cement stucco, resins, glues, ashes, sand, wood, leaves, newspapers, plastic, etc.), and experimenting with natural and forced corrosion gives each project its own life – constantly changing until the desired effect is achieved.


” I am fascinated when materials change shape and color as a result of natural events and not. My technique focuses mostly on the overlap of the materials themselves, sometimes impossible to assemble and susceptible to the various features, which give life to a work that has no end, incomplete, always changing. “



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