Series of 3D Canvas 50x50x10 – 2018

Alluminium/Iron Frame, Thermofused Plexiglass

The project involves taking a common or otherwise recognizable object and placing it in a different context so that it creates a shape, a different and unrecognizable shape.

This new perspective prompts us to reflect on what our experience is, our memory, ignoring the fact that in life things change every second.

Transforming an object into a completely different form without changing the object itself.

Thus, changing the perspective of our memories into a completely different vision, into a new shape that creates a new memory.

I’ve embarked on a new project that more closely aligns with my personal journey conceptually. I strive to examine things from a different perspective using objects. The essence of the work involves taking a common or otherwise recognizable object and placing it in a different context to create a shape, a form that is different and unrecognizable.

This new vision prompts us to contemplate our experiences and our memories while acknowledging that in life, change is constant. The environment around us shifts, and our perception of things evolves, all contingent upon the perspective from which we view them. I’m referring to objects, people, words, emotions, and thoughts.

Upon reflecting on this, I’ve come to realize the rapid pace at which things change in our lives, continuously urging us to embrace new perspectives and forms to create fresh memories.

In my recent readings on the concept of the quantum world, I’ve discovered connections to the various projects, works, travels, and thoughts that have shaped most of my life. This realization has inspired me to curate exhibitions where the past and present, though markedly different, are deeply intertwined.

The essence of the work lies in transforming an object into a completely different form without altering the object itself. This, in turn, alters the perspective of our memories, offering a wholly new vision and creating new memories.

“Can our body change shape through thinking?” This question has led me to delve into the theme of Change, this time starting from genetics. I explore how evolutions result in changes that can be viewed as adaptations to our environment and camouflage, and how our thoughts can influence this process by altering our cells, DNA, and the energy we emit. Through the use of reflexes, shapes, and transparency, the objective is to contemplate how a distorted or prospective vision could alter our perception, generate new memories, and effect change.