Series of Sculpture 30x40x200 cm

Year 2018

Iron, Mirrored Stainless Steel, White Sheet

The work entails taking a common or otherwise recognizable object and placing it within a new context, thereby generating a shape that is distinct and unrecognizable.

This fresh perspective prompts contemplation of our experiences and memories, disregarding the constant flux of life where change is ever-present.

The objective is to transform an object into a wholly different form while preserving its essence.

Thus, altering the viewpoint of our memories fosters a completely new vision, shaping fresh recollections.

I’ve embarked on a new project that conceptually aligns more closely with my journey. I aim to explore things from a different perspective, using objects as my medium. The essence of the work lies in taking commonplace or easily recognizable objects and situating them in novel contexts, thereby creating shapes that are unfamiliar and unrecognizable.

This fresh approach prompts reflection on our experiences and memories, reminding us that life is in a constant state of flux. Our surroundings evolve, our perceptions shift, and the meaning we derive from our surroundings fluctuates depending on our vantage point. I delve into the realm of objects, people, words, emotions, and thoughts to underscore the dynamic nature of existence.

Upon deeper introspection, I’ve come to realize the imperative of acknowledging the swift pace of change in our lives. It’s a continual process that demands we open ourselves to new perspectives, embracing novel forms to forge fresh memories.

In my recent explorations of the quantum world, I’ve discovered connections to the myriad projects, travels, and thoughts that have defined much of my life. This insight has inspired me to curate exhibitions where the past and present, though distinct, are intricately intertwined.

The central question emerges: Can our bodies alter shape through thought? This query propels my investigation into the theme of Change, this time rooted in genetics. I contemplate how evolutionary processes drive adaptation to our environment and camouflage while pondering how our thoughts can wield influence over our cells, DNA, and the energy we emit. Through the manipulation of reflex, form, and transparency, I aim to explore how distorted or prospective visions can reshape our cognitive landscape, engendering new memories and catalyzing transformation.