Series of 3D Canvas – 2019

Alluminium/Iron Frame, Thermofused Plexiglass, Ink, Acrilic

The projection on plexiglass during the site-specific installation at Micro Museum of Monza in 2018, inspired the artist to create a new generation of plastic works talking about pollution through jellyfish.

This complex art-work is made by plexiglass foils and combines a thermic fusion process with ink and acrylic to create a multi-layer canvas.

The final combination of all layers has a 3D effect that gives these dynamic and fluid movements of the subject.

I started this new project which conceptually reflects my path more.
I try to look at things from a different perspective using objects.
The work consists of taking a common or in any case recognizable object, and inserting it in a different context so that the same creates a shape, a different and unrecognizable shape.

This new vision leads us to reflect on what our experience is, our memory, ignoring the fact that in life things change every second.
The environment around us changes, the way we see things changes, the perception we have of the things around us, things that change based on the perspective in which we look at them.
I speak of objects, people, words, emotions, thoughts …

After analyzing this, I realized that I must be aware of the fact that things change quickly in our lives, this happens continuously and we must open our eyes to the new vision, to a new form to create new memories.

In the last readings on what the quantum world is, I have found connections with all the projects, works, travels, and thoughts that I have done in most of my life.
That’s why I created exhibitions where the past and present while being so different, are so connected.

Transform an object into a completely different form without changing the object.
So change the perspective of our memories in a totally different vision, in a new form that creates a new memory.

‘’Can our body change shape through thinking? This question leads me into working on the topic of Change, this time starting from genetics, how evolutions lead to a change which can be seen as an adaptation to the territory and camouflage, and how thinking can influence this by changing our cells, DNA and the energy we produce and project all around us. Using reflex, shapes, transparency, the goal is to think of how a distorted or prospective vision could change the perception of our thought, create new memories, and generate change.’’