Construction & Destruction Project, a collection of paintings – 2015

I am currently focusing on deforestation in Indonesia due to the increasing palm tree plantations.

These artworks highlight one of the environmental and social problems experienced firsthand in Indonesia: illegal deforestation to promote the cultivation of palm oil.

My aim as an artist is to showcase the catastrophe of deforestation, revealing its rawest aspects, such as the largest illegal fire in the world, the illegal deforestation of thousands of hectares of rainforest, the destruction of ecosystems, thousands of animals wounded and fleeing, destined to die, and tribes forced to leave their land. This aims to raise awareness and update the audience on issues often hidden from the media and the country itself due to purely economic interests.

“We are in a blind age that destroys and devours, ignoring human rights and environmental issues for economic purposes…”

This project is in collaboration with the Russian Artist Lena Taran.