Collection of 25 different Sculptures – 2019

The Candy Machine Sculpture

Size: 150x170x100cm

Material: Iron Metal, Mirrored Stainless Steel, Gold Leafs, Polypropylene.

24 Gem Sculpture

Size: G-XS 10<20cm – G-S 20<40cm – G-M 30<60cm – G-XL 50<80

Material: Iron Metal, Mirrored Stainless Steel, Gold Leafs.

“Honey is the true Gold”, that’s what Alessio Ceruti writes as a conclusion of his analysis of the actual status of the world.

The more the world’s financial complex goes in distance to the needs of our planet, the more we should notice that the true values lie in products of nature. In ancient times honey was considered as precious substance, the findings in ancient Egypt pharaoh graves are edible until today.

Bees are a central element of the multimedial and multilocal installation that starts at a place outside, at the entrance to basement vaults, marked with a candy automat. Going inside  it opens a completely new world of colourful light, movie projections and sound effects. Before you step downstairs into this wonderland, you can take a free candy, very similar to Alice in Lewis Carrols famous novel. And also similar to Alice’s transformations in wonderland that are sometimes helpful, sometimes irritating, the visitor himself will be transformed to a bee to look through their eyes while moving around busily and hopefully looking for flowers, which is a fascinating point of view to experience.

With these methods the installation creates an immersive space that evokes empathy for bees and their large significance for our world.