WHAT-ER Acque Acide – Performance Live Streaming Milano-Yogyakarta

It’s like death from the Asian philosophy, your body dies and get dissolved time by time, but your energy, your soul is still alive, still around.

A Solo Double Exhibition at the same time in Italy and Indonesia,

A Live Streaming Installation and Performance that was connecting 24/7 for 5 days the two sides of the world.

While in Varese, Italy a Live Performance of a Dissolving Shell was filmed, those shooting were traveling via web to be projected as a Hologram in Bali, Indonesia.

Viceversa the Hologram was filmed and projected back in Italy.

The relationship between the two rooms draws attention to how information, traveling quickly through live streaming, leads to a new type of language, in this case correlating a scientific experiment to an artistic event by keeping the focus on the main theme of the exhibition which wants to aware people about ocean acidification.