WHAT-ER Acque Acide

A collection of Mix-Media 3D Paintings and “Alive Sculptures” to foster awareness of another environmental and Social Problem, the Acidification of the Oceans.

Year 2016.

The Acid Water in our Oceans inspired the Artist. He starts to dissolves shells changing gradually the PH of the water and photo shooting the process to create a time-lapse.

The artist wants to aware people about this problem, and he created a replica of the destroyed shell and video mapping the time-laps process on his paintings during exhibitions.


The technic used for the creation of the paintings of this collection is unique. The Artist collect different building materials, mixing them with organic and chemical products, and he left the paintings for days and months under different weather conditions.


The “Alive Sculptures” are unique and original artworks never seen before. The Artist creates a series of Aquarium contains a dissolved Shell in all his process, which means that it contains the acid water unpowered and the shell particles. Together with the sculpture, the collector can see the whole process in a Time-Laps Video.