Art Installation – Performance – Art Exhibition – 2018

“Do you like the peppered mussels?” The performance took place during the vernissage for the exhibition “A NEW SHAPE” at the CASA900 space and MiMuMo-Micro Museum Monza.

…Reopening my eyes, I discover that the shapes have undergone a transformation, altering their states, seizing the opportunity of being momentarily unobserved. They move with a fluidity akin to the breaking of a cocoon, revealing mysteries within. These shapes perpetually teeter on the threshold between different states, transitioning from solid to liquid to gaseous.

The artist seeks to create effects that bewilder and disorient, distorting shapes into hybrids of uncertain origin. They resemble disorienting fossils unearthed from the depths of space. Sculptures appear cryogenically frozen, as if suspended in liquid nitrogen, approaching absolute zero, enveloped in the silence of a chrysalis, awaiting their next metamorphosis. These creations are impelled by visionary impulses, concealing alien forms that descend like enigmatic jewels. Unfamiliar metals mingle with crazed crystals, resulting in degenerate materials, yielding soft diamonds and fluid stones. A plexiglass exoskeleton encases compositions of bio-morphs, nestled beneath the foamy surface of synthetic skin.

Alessio Ceruti’s works are shrouded in obscurity as they evolve through an intricate and hermetic creative process, yet they also radiate with visionary clarity, evident in their aesthetic and formal outcomes. His creations emerge from an alchemical and physical laboratory, where actions and reactions among antagonistic chemicals provoke alterations and degeneration in the matter, sometimes leading to its destruction, symbolic elision, and ultimate erasure.