Art Installation at the Biennale Swhabach, Nuremberg, Germany

“I live in a dream … the world looks different now, we’re all kids again and the things around us are huge!
In the past, we have seen the extinction of different species of animals and insects due to human activity, and now,

what we have hypothesized as a distant future is happening: the most important species has disappeared and the whole of humanity is destined to follow …
Like Alice in Wonderland, I want to eat a piece of candy before I cross the threshold.

How is the world now that I can see it from a different perspective and how important is it? Do I feel any differences in the things that surround me now?
As the planet stands, I can certainly say that honey is the true gold.”

A giant Candy Dispenser with 24,000 honey Candies inside, is positioned just outside the underground tunnels.

Eat them before venturing into the galleries.

Inside the tunnels, the entire path is illuminated with an intense yellow color and surrounded by Metal Gem Sculptures, a mix of iron, gold leaves, and mirrored stainless steel.

From this intense yellow to total darkness … huge projections of flowers bloom in time with Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of Flowers until you reach the last room,

where you can sit like a movie and watch the world from the perspective of a small bee,

experience the flight, sit in a tree, land on a lawn, or suck the nectar of a flower … just like a bee!

Honey candies sponsored by a famous Italian brand, Fallani Caramelle https://www.fallanicaramelle.it/index.php/it/

Exclusive video provided by Bee Simulator https://beesimulator.com/

“Honey is the true Gold”, that’s what Alessio Ceruti writes as a conclusion of his analysis of the actual status of the world.

The more the world’s financial complex goes in distance to the needs of our planet, the more we should notice that the true values lie in products of nature. In ancient times honey was considered as precious substance, the findings in ancient Egypt pharaoh graves are edible until today.

Bees are a central element of the multimedial and multilocal installation that starts at a place outside, at the entrance to basement vaults, marked with a candy automat. Going inside  it opens a completely new world of colourful light, movie projections and sound effects. Before you step downstairs into this wonderland, you can take a free candy, very similar to Alice in Lewis Carrols famous novel. And also similar to Alice’s transformations in wonderland that are sometimes helpful, sometimes irritating, the visitor himself will be transformed to a bee to look through their eyes while moving around busily and hopefully looking for flowers, which is a fascinating point of view to experience.

With these methods the installation creates an immersive space that evokes empathy for bees and their large significance for our world.