“Between Willy Wonka and Lewis Carroll, a regressive fable becomes an organic apologue suggesting a reconversion to spontaneous natural processes, to natural essences, increasingly scarce and therefore precious.
The gold of the future is in the coffer of the deposits of primary goods. We need a symbolic slot-machine that distributes a jackpot of candies instead of gold tokens.
We must invert the wheel of history if we want to return to enjoy happiness in simplicity and reverse the course of technology to return to distribute natural dreams, to de-construct the Faustian dream of artificial power and transformation.
The recipe for happiness is the purity of organic cycles, overcoming the alchemical myth of the philosopher’s stone, no longer in search of the golden synthesis that turns everything into gold, but seizing the Olympian gift of ambrosia, the nectar of the gods, the spiritual sweet of innocent natural purity.”

Vittorio Raschetti